Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Laguna Beach Full Moon Drum Circle July 2017 at Aliso Creek State Beach

I love this monthly event, as it closely resembles the spirit at Burning Man like few other local events I've found. I get fully into, the spirit, often dressing up in my Burning Man clothes, occasionally drawing on my face with a burnt cork, and always sporting my hand-painted palm frond masks, so to hide my true identity. We all wear masks, do we not? Not to belabor the point, but yeah, we do. Mine happens to be made from a palm frond.

Here I am in my hippy gear: shower curtain pants, blue cape, Cambodian shirt. Beating the rhythm out of an oatmeal can with a piece of bamboo.

Come join us. Every full moon. On the beach at Aliso Creek in Laguna Beach, CA.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Political Cartoon: Democrat Double-speak

What is Democracy?

Is voting a mere formality?

Does anyone sincerely value the democratic voice of the people?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Angry Sneer" Palm Frond Mask, Acrylic

Latest mask. An interesting story behind this one:
I had a plan to paint a dog on this frond. I really need to make more dog masks. People really love their dogs, and I'm sure I can sell many masks portraying popular breeds. But when I looked at the blank canvas of this Queen Palm frond base, I couldn't help myself from seeing the angry spirit here captured. It was inherent in the folds and markings of the wood: the squinty eyes, pig-nose, and side-breaking mouth. This is my usual method for creating these masks: I find the face already hidden within it. But this time, I really wanted to make a dog mask! But the spirit of the wood was there, glowering at me. Could I really just cover him up with a happy German Shepherd that had nothing to do with this particular frond's shape and form? Well, no, obviously, I couldn't. There are thousands of frond bases falling off thousands of Queen Palm trees in the OC area. But only this one frond contained this wood spirit. I'm not sure how saleable this mask will be, but here he is, angry sneer and all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Palm Frond Masks: Red Stone, Long Face. Updated!

Update: Finished this one.

Red Stone Face
Acrylic on Palm Frond
Feb 2017

Original Post:

I've been working on my palm frond masks lately.

Red Stone Face
Acrylic on Palm Frond
Feb 2017
I've cleaned up a new batch of downed frond bases. That involves trimming off the excess fringes, messy and breakable edges of the fronds, with saw, razor and shears. Then sanding the remaining rough edge as smooth as possible-- this part is tricky because the wood is porous with thick fibers, so sanding the edge more and more just ends up revealing more and more rough fiber ends.

I left them, concave side up outside in the pouring once-in-a-lifetime torrential California rain, and they got pretty clean, like being power-washed. Some sanding remains to be done on the surfaces, which often shed a wispy filmy skin which kind hinders the painting process.

Then the design goes on. I have a plan to do more quicker ones, say under an hour of painting, as well as a few more intricately designed ones taking much longer.

Long Face
Acrylic on Palm Frond
Jan 2017

Here pictured are an example of each type. The red mask was inspired by a vision, of a red stone face, not surprisingly. I have a bit more work to do on that one.

The wood textured mask was more or less doodled onto the frond in black acrylic paint, diluted with water. It has eye holes which I had drilled previously.  Painting the face on it took me considerably less than an hour. More like 5-10 minutes.

You need a mask! I have your mask! Hit me up! Let's make a deal, I will work with your budget. What kind of mask do you want? I'm your man for palm frond masks. I can draw or paint Your Face on a palm frond, and it will actually look like you! Or your loved one, your pet, or your favorite person or animal or image!

BFF!  Best Fronds Forever!

Support the Arts!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Palm Frond Masks: Boston Terrier, Three Monkeys

My two latest palm frond masks are gifts to my brother's family.
The Boston Terrier pictured below is Bella, the Ari family dog. At age 16, blind and feeble, she is on her last leg. Here she is in healthier times, immortalized on the frond of a Queen Palm.
I searched in my collection of blank fronds (about 100 of them) for the one that had the closest shape to the characteristic stubby snout of the Boston Terrier. The fronds usually have bends and curves in them, suggesting noses, jowls, etc. This one was pretty close. Just a little upturn I could use for the dog's muzzle.  The angled shots below better show the shape of the frond.

Bella the Boston Terrier
Acrylic on queen palm frond
November 2016
a gift to the Ari's 

 And the mask below I made as a gift for one set of my brother's in-laws, who have hosted my folks and I for the last few thanksgivings. They are big collectors of art, and one recurring theme in their collection is the three monkeys of folk art: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. This was my interpretation of the classic meme, which I call Hear, See, Speak ALL.

Three Monkeys, or Hear, See, Speak ALL
Acrylic on queen palm frond
November 2016
A gift for the Vorzimers.

Three Monkeys
Three Monkeys

This video gives a feel for the 3D structure of the frond. Unfortunately, it's turned sideways, and I can't seem to fix that.
You'll just have to turn your head or your monitor slightly.