Saturday, November 10, 2012

12 Vision Paintings

My Vision Paintings in Watercolor

I see things in my head, and have for many years.  Sometimes these visions emerge from dreams, more often from the border state between waking and sleep, and some others, from psychedelic inner journeys.  Though content to enjoy the images in the privacy of my mind, I feel inspired to share them with others.  When they appear, I cling to them with the feeble tools of memory and mnemonic device.  Later, I scratch them onto paper with pencil and art stix.  The ultimate goal is to portray these images in acrylic paintings and sculptures.  As an intermediate stage, here are some thumbnails in watercolor.  Enjoy.

Machine Elf
Created out of pure syntax, he rides an elaborate and elegant vehicle made of intention.

Emotion Tunnel:
Stuck in a cylindrical grid of stark emotional states, seeking the end-cap of pure bliss and joy.

 Apartment Complex:
Cave-like tower with geometrical arm projections; quality singles' living on the desert.

Dream Cathedral
The lofty structure need not obey laws of physics; no door is needed to enter or leave.

Energy Beam I
The universe pours out her energy from deep within, radiant light and heat to all creation.

Energy Beam II
Bright shining light of love and life bursting through the field of darkness.

Energy Beam III
The glowing spinning object at the end of time, shooting off beams of energy back through all of time and space.

Festooned Hallway
This long walk to the exit invites with its bright colors, and forebodes with its blackened doors.

Joyous Noise
The planet unites for the sole purpose of making loud sonorous stellar music.

Massive Millipede
A mutant insect moving along the river, like a solid wall of rock, towards the distant hills.

Nature's Room
The boundaries of the bedroom dissolve as the mountains, clouds and rivers flow into the intimate space.

Turtle Cruise
Protected from all dangers by its patterned shell, the cruise party seeks adventure in safety. 

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