Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I leave for Burning Man in 10 days.

I'm kind of freaking out.
I have a lot to prepare and not a lot of energy to do it all.
I'm fairly confident that my survival and comfort will be provided for, but I just never seem to finish very many of my big projects for the burn, like new outfits, a pimped-out bike, a more finished shrine.
As it is, my shrine will at least be somewhat finished.
I have to check out my dome to make sure it is fully workable before I get out there.
I have to shop for food and other random supplies.
I have to get drinking water, which I go to fetch down in Carlsbad.
A lot of things, but it's all worth it, because I'm going Home!
Can't wait to see that wide open playa at dawn, with my all stuff unloaded and ready to get set up.
The playa on Saturday before the gates open. Construction vehicles, half-completed installations, and no parties to speak of.

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