Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Burning Man 2013 Self-portrait Photos

Prepping for a drum circle in Laguna Beach a few days before leaving for the playa.

Found my early arrival pass, after a moment of panic thinking I might not be able to get in early.
In my upholstery samples suit.
My dome was extra comfortable this year, with an air mattress, warm blankets and pillow.
Relaxing in the dome.
the free radical!
On my bike at night.

On one of the towers of "Catmandu", art project resembling a cat scratching post.

A bit blurry, but it's me, in a tux, serving the public as the "Blue Room Comfort Concierge", giving out mints and hand sanitizer, to make the port-a-john experience at Burning Man a little less horrible.  Always well-received by the people.
A velvet rope between two posts, with a sign saying "Please enter here," stands in front of the "blue room" designated for special treatment.  As attendant, I continually inspect the booth for trash, and spray air freshener inside between uses.
With a participants of my Cartooning Workshop in the communal shade structure of my theme camp, Cartoon Commune.

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