Thursday, December 11, 2014

Caricature Drawing on Main Beach, Laguna Beach, California: Photos.

I draw caricatures on Laguna Beach's Main Beach boardwalk and elsewhere during the good weather of the Summer.  Crowds of tourists flock to the beach, and I offer my service free of charge, giving away personalized mementos to all visitors who are willing to ask and/or wait in line.  I do accept tips, which many takers are all too happy to give.  As a rule, I get taken care of pretty well, and no one has to go without a caricature for lack of money.  When I think of it, I snap off a shot of a particularly good caricature and its subject.  

the free radical
You can hire me for your parties and events, to draw flattering caricatures of your guests.  In the Orange County area, but willing to travel if the price is right.  Call: 949 436 3689. Ask for Dave.

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