Sunday, February 22, 2015

DE FYOOCHER: forward-looking comic strip

I drew this strip around 1996 or so.  The year 2000 seemed like a big checkpoint.  This was a fun little speculative piece.  The text is a bit hard to read, as I hadn't yet learned the techniques of clear lettering.  The translation can be found below the graphic.


I just bet you've always wondered what the future holds for mankind. No? Well, I have, for many hours at a time, almost every day.

But today I am ready to break my long silence and provide you all with a sort of "sneak peak" at the next millennium.  Of course, I'm no scientist, but my mom always said I was the bright one.

The third millennium starts out with a bang - no big war, just the messiah himself,  Jesus, back on earth and with a whole new look!

God's back in town too.  He appears several nights a week in a rap and dance revue.
Robed, bearded guy: "Yo! I be God!"

Many other deities have returned, but they all keep more or less low key, except for Satan, who holds daily rallies and press conference.
Ganesh: "Hey, I'm busy.  Go bug that guy."

The gods hardly ever mingle with the public.  They all have web sites, though.
Computer Screen: Welcome to the Zoroaster Home Page

In addition to their own benevolent presence, the supreme beings have also brought to earth giant corporations to run all the most important industries needed for a stable society.  Within months, every city, town, suburb, village, and group of huts has an outlet from each company.
Building signs: FUD, CLOZ, GAS, COMPOOPERS

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