Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Additional Vision Paintings

These few paintings were completed awhile ago, maybe a year or more, but for some reason, I neglected to post them to this blog. Now here they are.
My vision paintings are paintings of visions that I have, in dreams, or sub-conscious states.  I try to remember them when I have them, and sketch them down on paper, to be later finalized in paint.
Gnomes in Sentient Forest

Spiral Energy Beam

Energy Cone

Light Show

Energy Beam Omega

Spirits of Consciousness

Energy Field

The following paintings aren't exactly vision paintings, in that they are not based on any vision I had.
Rather, they represent a style I experiment with, of filling in the visual field with swirls and splotches of bright color, then finding faces in the jagged edges of the splotches and bringing them out with additional paint.  As such, abstract and naturalistic-looking creatures and spirits emerge.  Enjoy.

Paint Spirits I
Paint Spirits II
Paint Spirits III

Paint Spirits IV

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