Friday, December 18, 2015

Burning Man 2015 Photos: A Few Highlights

Burning Man was great for me this year.  I had had some mixed feelings about going, but I went and was re-inspired.  The weather was harsh, putting a damper on some activities, but the art was rock solid, enough to blow the mind of any new burner wandering out for the first time, or even to rekindle this old veteran's wonder and amazement about the whole meshuga event!

The main attraction of this year's Burning Man, in my opinion, Titled, "I am You and We are Everywhere." It's a naturalistic sculpture of a woman about 80 feet tall.  Here you can see the sub structure of steel bars of varying thickness, through the mesh skin.
Also, it was animated, the chest rising and falling with a slow breath.  The lighting projected onto it slowly cycled through the color spectrum.
Simply stunning.
A very moving piece out on the deep playa. Not sure the name of this one.
The keyhole installation at 6:00 and Esplanade, a central spot for art on the playa.
Part of a set of wooden sculptures based on iconic monuments.  This one evoked Easter Island.
Totem of Confessions, a large temple covered, inside and out, in dioramas with macabre photos. this one of a dancer wearing a dress of skulls and crosses.
An array of LED's cycling through a program of colored patterns, for laying underneath and tripping on.
The Temple of Promise, this year's temple had a simple elegant design.

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