Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Voting Goalie, Political Cartoon

Our election system is designed not to allow the free vote, but to inhibit it.
Voting Goalie
Copyright Free Radical 2016
David Fleischmann
There were many anomalies in the voting process this year, principally in Arizona, where 5-hour lines, and voter suppression squelched the free democracy we once enjoyed.  Democratic voters had their party affiliations switched, without their knowledge or consent, so that they could not vote for the candidate of their choice.  Polling places had been closed down, and voters showed a record turnout, backing up the voting system and causing many to give up on getting their voices heard.  Not everyone is physically able to stand in line for five hours.  The record turnout was blamed on voters showing up, by election officials, who themselves were clearly complicit in suppressing the vote.  Additional outrages followed in other states like New York, where 126,000 people from Brooklyn had their affiliations switched.

Exit polling has become a fine science, and anytime there is a deviation of more than a few points between exit polls and official tallies, it is an indication of monkey business in the vote count.  This election, many states were off by more than a few points, indicating a systemic failure of our vote counting system.

To date, there have been no statements from the establishment democrats about voter suppression, election fraud, or any such dirty tactics that they always scream about when republicans use them.

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