Monday, August 8, 2016

Political Cartoon: Look Who's Privileged

I am so mad at the DNC right now.  There are layers upon layers of criminality and malfeasance within the democratic party that I am no longer willing to tolerate.

They were caught stealing the election from the more popular candidate, who's more likely to win in November.  They broke the rules, and failed in their duty to present an impartial primary contest. This was a coup d'etat. I will not support it by voting for clinton. If I ever vote for another democrat again, they may count themselves lucky.

Copyright 2016 David Fleischmann

In so many ways, they rigged this election, and more critically, they maintained a stranglehold on the free flow of information, for instance about the candidates. They presented clinton as the winner before the primary had even begun, and announced the winner several times as it was continuing. Each time, they were reporting false information as fact.  They insulted and humiliated Senator Sanders, maintained a media blackout of his campaign, and sold a false narrative that he was old, infirm, ineffectual, unelectable.

They poisoned the waters of discussion on the internet by hiring an army to troll social media and tar all who spoke criticism of clinton as sexist, racist, homophobic, right-wing, etc., putting them on the defensive, rather than allow any scrutiny to fall on clinton. I have been called "privileged" for supporting the one candidate that actually proposes policies designed to help the poor and underprivileged, and I am against the candidate who's a paid representative of billion-dollar corporations engaged in exploiting the earth and its people for every dollar.

The DNC worked to slander Bernie supporters as violent, which could not be further from the truth, and is a clear case of projection on the part of clinton supporters, who have been unabashedly violent.

Any valid criticisms of clinton go ignored, explained away, disbelieved out of existence.  The leaked e-mails came from the DNC, and nowhere else. Regardless of your feelings about who may have leaked it, the leak and its content remain fact, and it needs to be dealt with.

The Dems wholeheartedly support the violent policy of prohibition, despite there being no public health or safety benefit.  The entire drug war is now well-known to have been launched (by nixon) only as a means to arrest, incarcerate, and disenfranchise large numbers of black people.

Democrat politicians joined with those on "the other side" to coordinate violent 3AM raids on Occupy Wall Street, a peaceful and totally legal people's movement.  In doing so, they stripped thousands of homeless and underprivileged people of a ready source of aid of all types.  Occupy was slandered as violent (much like Bernie supporters were slandered), blamed and framed for crimes committed anywhere in the downtown areas they located in. Rather than get behind the populist movement, establishment democrats sided with the corrupt banks, and protected the corporate billionaires from their due justice by the 99%.

This is your legacy, you corporate democrats. Suck it up. You made this.

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