Monday, April 22, 2013

Burning Man Stories: The Yum Wagon

On many occasions I have had the privilege of experiencing the Yum Wagon at Burning Man.  This is a project of a theme camp, a booth built on a trailer that is towed to a prime public location.  And oh, how the people do line up to get a taste.  No meals are served from the Yum Wagon, merely a taste, any taste you can name, whether it be the taste of some real food you're longing for, or a taste of some abstract concept or an object or substance not normally considered food.  Whatever you request, the talented taste engineers operating the booth will rummage through their vast assortment of flavorful ingredients to produce a spoonful of *something* which they then feed into your mouth.  You make the final call on whether they succeeded in delivering the requested flavor or not, and if you are satisfied, give the bell over the bar a hearty ring.  One year the camp that produces the Yum Wagon (forgive me, I do not know which camp it is.), was close by, and I frequented it a few times.  The last time I bellied up was in 2011.  I've enjoyed the taste of a bacon blue cheese burger, and the tenth dimension, among others which I can't recall. 

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