Friday, May 3, 2013

Italy trip photos and stories

Soon after arriving, I took a little stroll around the grounds of the villa in which I was staying.

The local restaurant was I'Giuggolo, a pizzeria, and an osteria (tavern).  My first meal there was not the best, as I could not understand the menu, and I was not expecting their style of pizza, which is very thin and with not much sauce.  After that, I used google translate to decipher the menu, and had only good meals thereafter.  The translation was fair but left something to be desired.  For instance, "mixed sheep" referred to cheese, not meat.  Similarly, "nuts buffalo", was not what it sounded like, but rather, small pieces of buffalo cheese.  Some of the best meals here were the sausage and onion pizza, pappardella pasta with wild boar, double-buttered bacon cheese ravioli, and fried bread balls with cured ham and soft cheese. 

Posters seen at the newsstand on the corner near my local bus stop.

My first experience walking around a Piazza, or plaza.  This is at Piazza Savanarola, named after the infamous instigator of the Bonfire of the Vanities.  Just a quiet city park, surrounded by typical Florentine architecture.

The train station at Santa Maria Novella, church and plaza, near the Piazza della Italia Unite.

Decided to take a stroll downtown, the 3 miles or so from the villa.  Captured a number of sights on the way: the Soccer stadium, a footbridge over the train tracks, a distant cathedral-like structure, and so many beautiful buildings, alleyways, and street scenes so typical of this place.

Piazza San Croce

Bernini Palace

Palazzo Vecchio, the old palace.
Piazza della Signoria

Sculptures in the Loggia dei Lanzi

Inside the Palazzo Vecchio.

A villa in Fiesole, outside of Florence.

Pages from a book on Grotesques at the Uffizi bookstore.

Boboli Gardens at Pitti Palace

The Porcelain Museum at the end of Boboli Gardens.

Bardini Gardens, next to Boboli Gardens

Pitti Palace

Basilica of San Lorenzo

Il Duomo di Firenze

Inside the Duomo

From the roof of the Uffizi

That's it!  I love Florence!

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