Friday, June 26, 2015

Vision Sketch: Alien picture frame

Barely just started on this one.  Another vision sketch, to become a vision painting, perhaps starting with a page-sized watercolor, and then stepping up to a large-sized acrylic painting.  Just the elaborate, alien architecture of a picture frame for now, to contain an idyllic pastoral mountain scene, but I may have said too much.  The image will speak for itself, once completed.  For a drawing with this much detail, documenting progress in stages is wise, kind of like saving a backup, in case the computer goes kerflooey.  Anyway, enjoy.
I'm out drawing on Main Beach, Laguna Beach, California every weekend, at the south end of the boardwalk by the kids' playground, just south of the historic lifeguard tower.  Look for me in the afternoons and evenings, and get your caricature drawn, free of charge!


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