Thursday, July 2, 2015

Security Man: Political Comic Strip


This is an old one.  An idea for a political cartoon featuring a psychopathic superhero, whose heinous acts are all in the name of "security."  You can probably guess this was around the time of the invasion of Iraq, following the September 11th bombings, which Iraq had nothing to do with.  At that time, many wrongheaded and destructive policies emerged out of blind calls for "heightened security," "homeland security," and "think of the children!"  I can't apologize for the violence of the cartoon: it's a cartoon.  The real violence and terror committed by our country in the name of "security", can never be apologized for.

Pardon my penmanship; translation below comic.
Woman: You know, it's prob'ly nothing, but I just don't feel as safe as I used to, before that big unpleasantness a few years back.
Security Man: Someone feeling unsafe?
Man: Security Man!
Woman: Oh Thank God!
Man: What the-?
(gun sounds) Klik!, Ch-chik!
Woman: NOOO!!
(gunfire) Bada-bada-bow! Blammo!
Woman: No!! Please!!
(gun) Klik
Security Man: Security Man is Secure.
Narrator: HOOORAHH!!!

by David Fleischmann
Copyright 2004

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