Thursday, September 15, 2016

Burning Man 2016 Photos and Stories, Part 1

I am fully back from Burning Man, having recovered for one week from the grueling drive, not to mention the harsh high-desert conditions and non-stop partying. The event hit me like a freight train, taking me quite by surprise, for being a scheduled event. I was unprepared and unorganized, but still managed to eke out a pretty enjoyable time for myself, and contribute to the event my gifts and indomitable spirit.  I consider Burning Man to be a major hub of the world's creative outflow.

I didn't take very many photos, preferring to enjoy the experience in the moment and leave the photography to the pros, such as my Uncle Mike, who came along this year, for his third time.

Our theme camp this year was Pepperland, taking up where our previous one, Cartoon Commune, left off. One of our camp's stalwarts, Sgt Pepper, took the reins on a few improvements, such as the "Relaxatorium", a chill space with couches and a movie screen.  It's a great camp, with many wonderful burners, and I feel privileged to have shared my burn with them.

I lost some of my playa clothes, so this loin cloth got me through a few warm days. Across the street from us was the Mansonian Institute, with a display of Burning Man poster art and history.  Camped there was our talented friend, Tubatron.

Gear piled high and precarious on top of the "mid-size SUV" which I and Mama Cupcake rented for the trip. It was much smaller than I had anticipated, which necessitated the roof rack.  Whatever it takes to get out there. And I do not travel light.

First picture on playa, checking my look. Early evening turning cool, I draped this thin fur over me for comfort and style.

Black Rock Canoyn sunsets always bring the fire.

In-progress shot of my dome being made. I guess I thought I was going to take a series of them, ending with the completed dome.  Well, that didn't happen. 

Camp communal meals every evening! The Pepperland dining area. Clockwise, from front, Gerflash, Mika, Kathy, Nancy, Craig, Mike, Nostrildamus(the all-smelling nose), Mama Cupcake, ? ,Angela, Cass
left to right, painted on tarp: free radical, Fountain, Nostrildamus
Not pictured: Sgt. Pepper, Ronit

More to come!

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