Monday, September 19, 2016

My Four-Day Burning Man 2016 To-Do List/Plan in Water Color Paint and Sharpie

I made this wee list and planner for my last four days before leaving for Burning Man.
As it was, I was disorganized and unprepared, but this little colorful list kept me inspired and more or less on-track. All the extraneous, creative stuff (sewing new clothes) went by the wayside, leaving only the large strokes to focus on: shopping, packing, checking on basic needs like shelter and bed.

The addition of a caricaturing gig to my week-before-burning-man schedule, was both a godsend, and a monkey wrench in the gears. It ended up going for four hours, which helped me to afford my share of the rental car I drove in. But, of course, it delayed me in getting ready, and in leaving. With the looming gig, I could not run myself ragged, and had to be well-rested. When it was extended to four hours, I knew I would not likely get out that Saturday night. Sure enough, I was finally able to leave Monday, at 3 in the morning.

I will be better organized and prepared next year.  In any case, may I do it with style and some color!
Burning Man Prep List Plan 2016

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