Monday, February 25, 2013

Be my follower!

Like my stuff?  Be my follower!  Follow me!  I don't mean physically follow me around.  Actually, I prefer you to not do that, unless I really really like you.  No, no, follow me on blogger in virtual space!  Click something or other to the right that makes you my follower, thrall, minion, and part of my growing legion!  That will make me feel big and powerful, ultimately fulfilled in life.  And in exchange, you get to continue to read my original artwork and writings which you are already doing without having to click "follow".  But you'll feel happy!  Trust me! 

Don't like what you are seeing, or want to see something else?  Let me know!  I want to know what kinds of art and visuals you'd like to see, and what, if anything, you'd like me to write about.  There are videos and audio tracks coming to this blog.  What kinds of movies and music do you like to watch and hear, respectively?  Holler at me!  I am open to hearing and valuing your opinion!  Please pardon my incessant exclamation points, but I really want to emphasize my points! 

You can comment on any post or send me a message via email by first clicking on my profile picture to the right.

Thanks for being here!

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