Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Caricatures captured from the Purim Spiel

 Long story short: Purim is a Jewish holiday on which Jews act out a play portraying an episode in their history when they were threatened as a people.  The temple I used to go to and to which my family and friends still belong, produces every year a "Purimspiel", a play of Purim complete with songs and a theme.  My parents and brother are in it. and I watch them perform.  This year was the Beatles theme, with all Beatles tunes rewritten for the story.  Here are my caricatures of the performers:

Left to right: Joel as the professor, Gerald as Ahashueros, Esther, Vashti,
2nd row: Michael as Haman, Phil as Mordecai, Judy as a virgin.
Top: 4 "Wise Men"
Bottom: The queen's friends, by with whose little bit of help, she gets.

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