Sunday, February 24, 2013

Large Peace Sign on the beach

I like to make large Peace Symbols on the beach. 

It starts when I go to Laguna Beach Laughter Club on a Friday or Saturday.  At the end of our laughter yoga session, we all send out a wave of positive energy: peace, love, harmony, joy and health.

I pick up a downed palm frond and drag it through the sand forming a large circle.  I make the best circles when I go fast and don't think about it too much.  I trace the circle a few times and then fill in the interior lines.  Sometimes I fill in the empty space with something: stripes, circles, birds, faces, hearts, or the word "peace" in different languages.

When people see the symbol, they think, however briefly, about peace.  This thought gets sent out and resonates throughout the collective unconscious, increasing the total peace on the earth.  The more time and effort I put into my expression of peace, the larger the impact on the recipient.

Peace unto you!

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