Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Burning Man 2014: Story Threads

The road journey, getting stuck outside the gate for 12 hours

Wadsworth, Nevada

My shaman walk with mask, drum and flute, bumping into the Burning Band on a black dress march

Temple visit

Souk visit- drum circle, OC souk area

The interminable Man burn

After-burn swarm, drum circle

The beautiful Temple burn

Peace Vigil for Palestine

Embrace, from the outside

Joining a large play-group with light-up frisbees and balls

Crawling and climbing through the Alien Siege Machine, our local art installation.

Meeting and hanging with Ashkey, Goro, Samir, and Mark from NY, India.

Spinning on the poles at Temple of Polegasm

Trifucta's structure and party scene on the Esplanade

Having a member of the Black Rock Rangers camping with us, Tabias, aka Sgt. Pepper.

Getting my groove on at BR Roller Disco, on skates, on foot.

Drapes Everywhere, our neighbors across the street.

First Night, sleeping in Pink Heart's plush lounge dome

Jamming on guitar with others in the Freestyle Palace

Center Camp - my spoken word performance

Laughter Yoga at Cartoon Commune

Painting a character on a skate ramp.

Ice Cream from the Reverse Cowgirl Creamery

Laughter Yoga guest, Simon from New Zealand

Karaoke at Cartoon Commune

My Cartooning Workshop

Improv Comedy

Life Drawing, decorating Fango's hat meeting David Silverman, producer of the Simpsons.

The indomitable Cartoon Commune

Dance camps Sat nite

Massages in the Carport of Comfort

Sunday Temple jaunt, seeing David Best, and the Sharpie Shaman

Having some poutine after midnight at Midnight Poutine with Phil, aka Nostrildamus.

Some great home-cooked meals out on the playa.

My awesome dome home.

Those playa sunsets

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