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Burning Man 2014: The Cartoon Commune

(left to right) Nostrildamus, Fango, Gerflash, free radical

One of my contributions to Burning Man is my theme camp, the Cartoon Commune.  It has run for 8 straight years, since 2007.  It has improved greatly over the years, aided by a building body of playa know-how, earned over many disasters. This installment deals with the home life at our theme camp and the neighborhood community.

I and my two brothers and father. 
The Cartoon Commune 2014: (left to right)
Tabias, aka Sgt. Pepper; Daniel Ari, aka Fango; Vickie, aka Toots; Phil, aka Nostrildamus; Laurie, aka Lulu, or Folgers; Jeff Pearson, aka Magic Doc; Gerald, aka Gerflash, or Dad; Dave, aka the free radical.
Tabias from Ohio joined us for his second year.  He volunteered with the Black Rock Rangers, and they put him to work.  The BR Rangers are the community's go-between between law enforcement and the citizens of Black Rock City.  They oversee conflict resolution, or just help out whenever they can.  It was very nice having a Ranger in our camp.  At one point, we overheard angry arguing coming from one of our neighboring camps.  Not wanting to be the ones to have to intervene, we called on Tabias, or Sgt. Pepper as he was dubbed.  He had the situation handled fairly quickly. 

Jeff Pearson is semi-related to us by a former marriage. He and his wife Laurie joined us for their second year.  Jeff performs a magic act for receptive audiences in our camp, and Laurie, as Madam Lulu, read peoples' fortunes.

A candid shot, as we were deciding what to do in the next shot.
Tabias, aka Sgt. Pepper, whups up an all-you-can-eat feast of pancakes and bacon for the whole camp, plus visiting neighbors. 

For the last three years, we have enjoyed choice placement in the 7:30 keyhole.  The keyhole is a widening of the 7:30 radial street where it meets the Esplanade, the main drag, or "boardwalk" of the city.  Being thus located affords us the luxury of having a view of the Man and the open playa from the front of our camp, and being able to watch all the interesting traffic along the Esplanade and deep into the playa.  It's also a "happening" spot that many thousands of burners will pass by each night.  

Strangers passing by our camp

The front of the Cartoon Commune on the left

The dome of our other neighbors, the 7 Sirens Cove.

Phil, aka Nostrildamus

The 7:30 keyhole at golden hour.

Vicki, aka Toots in our large shade structure, snack table in background.

Trifucta, holding down the corner of 7:30 and Esplanade

The open playa as seen from the 7:30 Keyhole

Ornate Street Sign

The scene across the 7:30 street from us


Our immediate neighbors, Temple of Polegasm, from the side

An art car tools through the keyhole, strutting like a peacock.

The art car, from the back, with attached remoras.

The side of the Black Rock Roller Disco, on the corner of 7:30 & Esplanade opposite from Trifucta

The DaveDome. 

Inside the DaveDome.  And yes, my pants do match my bedspread.

Drapes Everywhere

The front of Cartoon Commune, street in the BG

Participants in our Laughter Yoga event hung out to talk and connect afterwards.

Polegasm's nice group dome, their living room, dining room, meeting space, workspace, chill space, etc.

Gerflash and Nostrildamus conduct an A Capella sing along.  The star-like object in the upper left corner of the photo is an amazing star lamp designed by Nostrildamus and constructed by he and Gerflash.

...In our giant shade structure with repurposed shade tarps.

Solar cooker

The kitchen, complete with rocket stove, kitchen sink, everything else.

Ok, it's a little cluttered.  Also serves as our tool shed.

Our camp's back alley with our solar panel providing our electricity.
Come and camp with us!  We welcome anyone who's in the burner spirit to join us, use our lovely space for your personal camp.  Avail yourself of our amenities.  See Burning Man in style, with long-time veterans who know what they're doing.  All are welcome!

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