Monday, November 17, 2014

Burning Man 2014: Laughter Yoga at the Cartoon Commune (plus Karaoke)

I love my camp!  Come burn with us next year!

We're number One! My brothers, my dad, a neighbor and I.
left to right: Fango, ???, free radical, Nostrildamus, Gerflash

I have led daily sessions of laughter yoga at Cartoon Commune for the last four years of Burning Man. It has been a popular event, drawing as many as 60+ participants, and averaging at least a dozen, even early in the week.  I received my certification from Jeffrey Briar of the Laguna Beach Laughter Club. 

This was me Tuesday morning, moving a little slowly, recovering from Tuesday's ordeal on the road and the long night of revelry.  I'm not worth much before I've had my coffee and my morning bowl.  

The audience for Karaoke

But later on, I was feeling great, belting out "Sweet Caroline" on the karaoke stage.

Karaoke really brings them in off the street on a sunny "Tutu" Tuesday afternoon.

I lead Laughter Yoga every day, or I may skip a day to go out adventuring. Here are some pictures from Friday's lively session:

Going through my spiel.  Introducing the practice, briefly explaining how it works.

"And, at the end of each exercise, we throw our hands up and cheer like little kids."

We start with a rudimentary stretch.

The sizable crowd for Laughter Yoga on Friday. Here, I'm explaining the next laughter exercise.

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